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Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating Systems

An amazing alternative to traditional heating systems, underfloor heating takes advantage of basic physics in that ‘Heat Rises’. It is not a new concept at all, the romans have been known to use similar systems some 2000 years ago.

With a traditional Boiler / Radiator system a room would have hot and cold spots and it relies on the heat to circulate around the room, with the hottest spots being closest to the radiator.

Underfloor Heating is usually connected to a heat pump which can be up to 55% more efficient. It heats the water and pumps through a network of underfloor piping around the room and only relies on heat rising.

A well balanced underfloor heating system is both Energy Efficient and Cost Effective whilst producing a very comfortable home heating environment.

People feel more comfortable with warm feet and cooler heads, underfloor heating creates a warm, comfortable and more efficient home heating solution.

In the modern home design, which is a very well insulated house, underfloor heating is a fantastic solution and can overall be more cost effective at installation.

Underfloor Heating Systems

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